Meet your online music teacher Jamie Keaton. Let her 12 years of experience work for you.

    Jamie Keaton has been studying music since she was 4 years old. She was in band and chorus from 6th grade through college. She has taught music for 12 years, plus for 3 years she taught lessons while in college. Jamie went to Lee University and graduated with a Bachelors in Music Education.


  Jamie became a music teacher because she wanted to share her love for making music with others.  When kids get involved with making music it keeps them motivated,  shows them the value of hard-work, gives them discipline, and opens their horizons to other places they could not go. Also, music helps with problem solving and critical  thinking skills. These two things help them be successful in school.


    Jamie started Musician Maker University because she wants to teach music to children and adults who want to learn to play an instrument or how to sing better. She wants everyone to fulfill their dreams of becoming a musician (even if it is just for their own satisfaction).  M. M. U. offers her an opportunity to provide private

on-line music lessons working with students individually and see them progress as an individual musician.  As a result if they are in a performing group they will be a better asset to that group. Our hope is that you will allow us to join you in your journey as a musician.


      "I love seeing a child finding a passion and in pursuing that passion  changes their life for the better." Jamie Keaton


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